The Project

To experiment with the Active Range Reverse Sensor Modeling, first, a product with a mat surface and a medium complexity was selected. This product was used to acquire the most accurate digital data during the scanning process. Using a dark room and a laser scanner, the digital data was recorded from 3 different angles of the model with a total of 10 range maps. Afterward, PolyWorks was used for 3D processing of the acquired data. This included manual alignment of the maps by selecting 3 corresponding points in two images at a time, merging the range maps, repairing polygons and eliminating imperfections, and finally cutting and separating the parts for assigning different materials to each. The result was then imported to KeyShot for making the final renders and applying new materials.


Minolta Vivid910 laser scanner, PolyWorks, and KeyShot

Year of Completion


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Ghazaleh Afrahi

Ghazelle Afrahi