Ghazaleh Afrahi metal grill
Metal Prototyping Ghazaleh Afrahi
Metal Prototyping Ghazaleh Afrahi

The Project

This project was developed as a part of a four-month metal workshop with the aim of mastering the operation of metalworking machines and tools.

This grill consists of various parts made with various machines. A band saw is used to cut the flat sheets and a cold saw to cut the legs. The legs are formed with a bending machine, while the bowl is formed using the power hammer. The holes in the bowl are designed for allowing oxygen to reach the flames inside the bowl and are created with a drill press. Finally, the legs and the bowl, as well as the ring around the removable mesh to be put on the grill are welded with a MIG welder.


Band Saw, Cold Saw, Bending Machine, Power Hammer, Sanding Machine, Drill Press, and Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding Machine

Year of Completion


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Ghazaleh Afrahi

Ghazale Afrahi