The Project

This reverse modeling project started by collecting a sufficient amount of digital data through 2D photographs. In this process, a set of printed markers were used to allow for an accurate alignment of the images when processing the data. The photographs were then imported to Agisoft Photoscan, aligned, and merged to build a digital 3D model. The process continued by post-processing the model and editing the polygons to eliminate any imperfection or unnecessary data. In the end, a digital 3D model of the product that contained shape, color, and texture information was created after blending the texture and texturizing the mesh.


Nikon D3100 camera and Agisoft Photoscan

Year of Completion



Pablo Gelvez

Jennifer Monclou

Ghazaleh Afrahi

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Ghazaleh Afrahi

Ghazelle Afrahi